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updated:  9/3/2010

Advanced Control

The M.C.I. ES-9000 Motor Control Training System is a “real world” approach to teaching motor control the way it is used in industry. This system is designed for the student to design, build, and wire an industrial control panel. Through this process the students will not only learn motor control, but also how to build and wire a professional quality panel.

The Basic ES-9000 package offers experience using industry standard pushbuttons, starters, indicator lights, timers, and other components that are the basic building blocks of motor control. Layout and design and important aspects of this training system as the students begin to put their knowledge to work.

With the optional PLC, Variable Frequency Drive and HMI (Human Machine Interface) found in the ESP-9000 SP students will have the opportunity to learn the more advanced methods of motor control.

The ES-9000-C adds a variable speed bi-directional conveyor. The conveyor system may be used as a “hands-on” approach to teaching presence sensing, timing, and sorting operations. This system allows students to experience what it is like to control and troubleshoot an industrial conveyor system.

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